Drop Redo Log Group In Standby Database

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Braid Hairstyle 2017 - Drop Redo Log Group In Standby Database, 11 managing the redo log - oracle, Redo log files are filled with redo records a redo record, also called a redo entry, is made up of a group of change vectors, each of which is a description of a change made to a single block in the database.for example, if you change a salary value in an employee table, you generate a redo record containing change vectors that describe changes to the data segment block for the table, the .. Redo log inactive ora-00313 ora-00312 ora-27037 | oracle dba, It records all the changes made in an oracle database. here all the changes means, when ever a dba(you) or any users run any commands like insert, delete, update (dml), ddl etc,or any other commands, these all changes will be record in online redo log.. Oracle log files - psoug.org - oracle pl/sql database code, Init file parameters: log_checkpoint_timeout . set to 0: log files without redundancy: logfile group 1 '/u01/oradata/redo01.log'size 50m, group 2 '/u02/oradata ..

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Drop Redo Log Group In Standby Database - lowe's home improvement - youtube

Standby concepts and configuration - pafumi.net, 1. the production database name is fguard 2. one primary database instance called fguard on host server_01; one physical standby database instance called fguard on host server_02. 3. listener listener is on host server1, and pointed by tns entry fguard 4. listener listener is on host server2, and pointed by tns entry fguard.. Flashback database tips - burleson oracle consulting, Question: what is oracle flashback database?how can i use oracle flashback database in an oltp shop? answer: oracle flashback database is an extension of the "rollback" functionality, allowing the dba to flashback a table to a specific date in history.with oracle flashback, the length of the flashback recovery is determined by the storage dedicated to oracle undo and the settings for flashback .. Mysql & mariadb database backup resources - askmaclean, Most organizations do not realize they have a problem with database backups until they need to restore the data and find it’s not there or not in the form that they were expecting.. 12c hidden undocumented parameter list, 12c hidden undocumented parameter list oracle database tips by donald burlesonjune 30, 2013.