Medical Definition Of Stroke

what is tia (mini stroke)? definition, symptoms

Braid Hairstyle 2017 - Medical Definition Of Stroke, Stroke: medlineplus medical encyclopedia, A stroke is a medical emergency. quick treatment is needed. call 911 or your local emergency number right away or seek urgent medical care at the first signs of a stroke.. Stroke | define stroke at, Verb (used with object), stroked, strokĀ·ing. to mark with a stroke or strokes, as of a pen; cancel, as by a stroke of a pen. rowing to row as a stroke oar of (a boat or crew).. What is stroke? |, A stroke is a "brain attack". it can happen to anyone at any time. it occurs when blood flow to an area of brain is cut off. when this happens, brain cells are deprived of oxygen and begin to die..

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