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Braid Hairstyle 2017 - Tube Feeding Through Picc Line, What is tpn (total parenteral nutrition) and what, Usually a picc line or a tunneled catheter in the chest is used. tpn is specially formulated for the patient and provides all of the daily nutrients and calories that the patient requires. tpn stands for: total = all. parenteral = to take into the body other than through the digestive tract. nutrition = the process of nourishment. so total .. My experience with…parenteral nutrition / a picc line, Pn is given through a type of iv line, called a peripherally inserted central catheter, or a picc line. the “food” is in liquid form, and it is a very precise (and very expensive) mix of nutrients, not to be confused with an ensure drink or a protein powder from the store that you mix with water. this is a prescription that is safe to go .. Central lines and tpn vs ppn | allnurses, I've never given vanco through a central line, but i'll definitely be looking that one up because a lot of my patients have picc lines. hope i helped to answer your question feb 20, '08.

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